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16 Skaters Stand In Formation, Seconds Later Their Moves Make The Crowd Erupt

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Ice skating might look dainty and elegant, but it is one of the most brutal sports ever. It takes a lot of stamina as well as strength to pull off those flips and twirls on the ice! The performance shown below was recorded at the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championships. It’s amazing to watch these athletes move in sync with one another as they glide down the rink. These ladies stood out from the rest of the athletes by a long shot!

There are solo performances, paired performances and group performances when it comes to ice skating. This clip shows an amazing team performance by Team Canada. They earned their place at the top with their stunning performance set to a catchy rock n roll song. They made it clear that they were not there to play around—they had the eyes on the prize!

It’s hard enough to balance and skate on the ice as it is. Solo skating performances might look intimidating for the skater, but it doesn’t need coordination with another person. Coordination is what makes group skating so difficult as well as impressive. All the 16 skaters had to be perfectly in sync with each other and even pull off the moves using the same strength and speed to achieve this flawlessness. It must have taken a lot to perfect the moves, but it was worth it in the end!

Check out the full video below:

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