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At 93, Clint Eastwood has finally settled down as ‘best grandpa’ to 5 kids – some of them take after him

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Clint Eastwood is a name recognized by millions of people across the world. The prolific actor and director has made many unforgettable contributions to Hollywood.

And much like his film projects, his personal life also has a gripping story…

Over his lifetime, Clint Eastwood has fathered a total of eight children with six different women, which is no small feat. Even with how many children he had with different women, the actor has reportedly done his best to be there for his children, in his limited capacity as a busy Hollywood star.

Roxanne Tunis and Eastwood then had Kimber together in 1964.

Eastwood married Maggie Johnson in 1953 and divorced her in 1984. The couple had two children together, Allison Eastwood and Kyle Eastwood. Eastwood also fathered Kimber Eastwood with Roxanne Tunis in 1964.

In 1986, he had his son Scott Eastwood followed by daughter Kathryn Eastwood in 1988 with Jacelyn Reeves, who he never married. In 1993, Frances Fisher gave birth to her daughter Francesca Eastwood.

Frances Fischer is the mother of Eastwood’s daughter, Francesca, whom they had in 1993.

In 1996 he married Diana Ruiz, and their marriage lasted until 2014. The couple welcomed their daughter Morgan Eastwood during their time together in 1996.

Later in his life, he found out he fathered a daughter named Laurie Murray with a woman. She was born in 1954 and was given up for adoption by her mother, who remains unknown. When Eastwood finally reunited with her almost 30 years after her death, he had a strong connection with his firstborn.


With his history of being involved with so many women, a lot of people thought Eastwood would never really settle down. But since 2015, he has been with Christina Sandera, a woman 33 years younger than him and seems happier than ever.

The couple met at Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Hotel in California. Sandera was working as a hostess for him at the time of their meeting. The couple made their relationship public a year after Eastwood’s divorce from his last wife, Diana Ruiz. They made an appearance on the red carpet for the Academy Awards together.

Eastwood’s daughter Alison Eastwood, whom he had with his first wife says the family is closer than ever now as the Hollywood star seems to have finally settled down. She says as a result the entire family spends more time together and shares laughs and happy times.

She revealed that she is not the only one who shares a close bond with her nephew Titan, but his grandfather adores the young boy too. Alison also mentioned how the two of them look alike.

Clint Eastwood spends his time at his refurbished California ranch with his partner Christina Sandera. His children and grandchildren also enjoy spending their time at the ranch.

Apart from his ranch, Eastwood loves being on a helicopter saying, “I love it up there. Up there I’m just a number in the sky.”

The actor turned director now makes sure to enjoy his life, limiting his work commitments severely. His daughter Francesca Eastwood mentioned what an amazing grandfather Clint had turned out to be.

She posted pictures of the megastar with his grandson Titan, with the caption reading, “Best dad. Best grandfather.” Everyone in the comments remarked how similar the two of them looked.

His daughter Laurie Murray also has a son named Lowell Tomas Murray, who has candidly talked about his relationship with his grandfather. He remarked what a great person his grandfather was by saying, “All I would say is that he’s been a great father to my mom, and always great to me and my family whenever we see him.”

While Eastwood has eight children, he has only five grandchildren so far. While some of his grandchildren have reached adulthood, one of them is only four years old and the prolific actor has a close relationship with each one of them.

His oldest grandchildren and Lowell and Clinton who are both in the late thirties, Then he has 28-year-old Graylen, and Kelsey whose age is unknown. Then the youngest of course is baby Titan who is four years old.

As for his older grandchildren, 38-year-old Lowell has made a name for himself in the world of reality television, being cast as a contestant in season 18 of “The Bachelorette.” He is a full-time personal trainer and yoga instructor. The 38-year-old reality television star lives in Seattle and has shared that he has his grandfather’s initials on his chest.

His sister, Kelsey is very private about her life with very little known about her by the general public.


Graylen Eastwood is 28 years old and has followed in her grandfather’s footsteps by becoming a model, musician, actor, and producer.

Graylen is Eastwood’s granddaughter from his son, Kyle. It has often been said that she and Eastwood look very much alike. She has followed in her grandfather’s footsteps as an actor, producer, and model.

Kelsey is the daughter of Laurie Murray and does not have a career in Hollywood. She lives her life primarily outside of the public eye, with only her name and appearance being known about her.

Clinton is his other 38-year-old grandson from his daughter Kimber. Much like Kelsey, Clinton is very secretive about his life and keeps well out of the public eye.

The Eastwood clan is quite extensive but quite close to one another. What a beautiful family all of them make!

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