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Gas Station Owner Tired Of Seeing Low-Income People, Posts Blunt Sign

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A Texas business owner was tired of seeing troubling situations that involved one particular group of people. After a video sparked a fire inside him, he was on a mission. Things were going to be different in his store, and some things simply would not be tolerated. So, he hung a sign on his door, leaving onlookers stunned by his blunt words.

Frank Hemani is an East Texas business owner who’s caused quite a stir after he set out on a mission. After seeing things they just could not ignore or tolerate anymore, Frank and his employees started a movement at his Star Mart gas station in the Lake Fork Community, near Emory, and it’s definitely caught a ton of attention.

After seeing a video where someone did something similar, Frank posted a couple signs in his own store. He says the video sparked something inside of him that made him recall what he’s dealt with before. He’s seen people in the area struggling to get by and he remembers what it’s like to go hungry. Deciding he doesn’t want to let anyone go through that, he figured he would try to help. Kindness and compassion aren’t for sale, though. They’re free.

So, a movement was started and all it took to make a difference was a bottle of water and a sandwich, which he began offering at no charge at his gas station for those in need. “If you don’t have money or a job, you can have a sandwich and a bottle of water for free,” one sign on a refrigerator case reads. According to KLTV, Frank has also posted a sign in his gas station that says, “If they are hungry enough, I will feed them. If they have children, or child, I’ll definitely give them something to eat.”

Frank says it’s not much, but it’s the least he can do to help. “It’s just a couple of bucks, but somebody will not go to sleep hungry,” he said. And, those aren’t just empty promises. In fact, Frank once made a mom and her kids a pizza after the woman drove up to his store with her two hungry, crying children in the back seat. She didn’t have money to buy food for her kids, so Frank fed them for free, according to Myrtle Beach Online.

“It’s really nice to help the community out because there’s sometimes that maybe I went hungry. I don’t think the kids in this country or anywhere in the world has to wait for Christmas to get a good stuff and I think they should get it whenever they deserve,” Frank explained.

Explaining what the store offers for free, Andrea Wissman, one of Frank’s employees, said, “We have ham and cheese sandwiches and sometimes he throws some of our breakfast tacos in here, as a little different they can have a choice.” She continued, “We all go through hard times from time to time, so it’s nice to have something good.”

Frank and Andrea said their simple message of hope started with five to six sandwiches a week, but Frank plans to continue the gesture of kindness at his other stores. Frank added, “I can do more positive stories out there. Because of me, if more and more people start doing it, I think it’ll be one good thing for the whole world.”

Frank Hemani is an inspiration. He’s not just feeding the needy a meal, he’s showing them that there are good people in this world and, just because they’ve hit rock bottom, that doesn’t mean they have to stay there. By his example, they see that it’s possible to work your way into prosperity, all while allowing your struggles to make you a better person as you remember where you came from.


  1. I think this wonderful. Just wish there more like him. Also it may be lust the thing that will help the recipient to feel better about themselves and will start toward helping themselves and others. God bless you

  2. I think this wonderful. Maybe it is just the thing that will encourage someone to get the will to try and better themselves and help themselves and others. It may take a while but they can make it happen. God bless each of you, those who and those you help.


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