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Suburban Husband Defends Wife During Driveway Ambush

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A suburban husband was left in fear and disbelief as his wife was ambushed in their driveway, right in front of him. He quickly rushed to defend her, and the wild moment was all caught on video.

A North Carolina husband ironically nicknamed “Happy,” according to Daily Mail, found himself in the middle of a real-life nightmare when his wife was suddenly ambushed in their driveway.

A North Carolina husband ironically nicknamed “Happy” had no idea his wife was about to be attacked as he greeted a jogger. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While getting into their car, the couple’s relaxed morning quickly turned chaotic when the woman was taken by surprise and attacked from behind, forcing her husband to fly into action — and it was all caught on video.

According to TMZ, the wild footage was captured in Pender County when a guy and his wife were getting ready to hop in the car. The brief clip begins, appearing to depict what seems like a pleasant and uneventful morning with Happy making his way to his vehicle with what appears to be a cup of coffee and a covered cake pan. He has no idea things are about to take a terrifying turn.

As Happy prepares to get in the family SUV, he casually greets a jogger, not realizing a predator is crossing the street and headed towards his driveway. His wife, also blissfully unaware of the danger lurking in their suburban neighborhood, begins to make her way into the frame as the unsuspecting man turns towards his vehicle and comments on how dirty it is.

“Happy” grabs the animal, then hurls it across the lawn. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

“I need to wash my car,” Happy can be heard saying as his wife comes into view, heading toward the passenger side of the SUV while holding a small animal carrier.

That’s when things begin to take a turn as keen viewers hear an ominous growl that suddenly turns into a snarl. Then, Happy’s wife lets out a terrified scream as she’s ambushed from behind. Thankfully, her husband doesn’t hesitate to come to her rescue.

The frightened woman is sent screaming around the vehicle as she tries to flee. “Oh my god! Run, Happy, run!” she screams, leading many online to believe the man’s nickname name is “Happy,” the NY Post reported. She runs towards her husband for help, and Happy doesn’t disappoint. He leaps into action and rushes to her aid, grabbing her attacker.

“Happy” grabs the animal, then hurls it across the lawn. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

With the culprit in his hands, he seems shocked and bewildered as he recognizes that his wife was ambushed by a bobcat. “Oh my God, it’s a bobcat,” Happy screams before hurling it across the lawn. “Oh my God! Get out! Get out!” he yells, but the animal is undeterred. After recovering, the cat makes a beeline for the family again. Realizing the peril he, his wife, and others are in, Happy screams for people to take cover and says he’s going to shoot the animal. And, the man was prepared.

After appearing to pull a firearm from his side that was concealed by his clothing, he chases the creature with his gun drawn. “Watch out!” Happy screams at others as the bobcat takes off running from all the commotion. “I will shoot that f***er,” he warns, telling people to get out of the way. “It’s a bobcat, attacked my wife,” he shouts. “A bobcat!” he yells to a neighbor.

Happy had every reason to be concerned. Although it’s unclear whether or not he shot the cat, authorities confirm that the animal died — and that it tested positive for rabies, a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals.

“As you probably know, someone who gets bit by a rabid animal must undergo extremely painful rabies shots,” TMZ explained. “We don’t know if the woman was bitten, but judging from the screams it seems she was.”

The video has gone viral on social media due to its frightening content and the reality it presents. Danger could literally be lurking anywhere. However, there’s another reason this video is worthy of attention; namely, this is another perfect example of why our Second Amendment is so important. You never know when you or your loved ones might be threatened with grave danger — even when it seems so unlikely.

“[T]hroughout America, sightings are usually rare since the animals are nocturnal,” the NY Post said of the bobcat attack before adding, “Still, the carnivores have been known to prowl in urban areas and can pounce over 10 feet, according to National Geographic.”

Thankfully, this diseased cat crossed paths with a brave husband who was willing to put himself in harm’s way for his wife. Even better, Happy was prepared to protect himself and his loved ones from any threat that jeopardized their wellbeing — and he should be applauded for it. We can only imagine the havoc a rabid bobcat may have wreaked on other animals and people in the otherwise quiet suburban neighborhood if this heroic husband wasn’t so willing to make sure it was stopped. Job well done, sir!


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